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This flower was created when I experimented with the simple flower. It is very similar to the simple flower but it has got those extra leaves around each leaf, which make it look like a searose (in my opinion).

Start with a square sheet of paper.

Step 1

1. Precrease in halves and along the diagonals.

Step 2

2. Valley fold the corners to the middle and turn the model around.

Step 3

3. Fold a Birdbase with this square.

Step 4

4. Valley fold the flap down. Repeat on the other side. Turn the model upside down.

Step 5

5. Open the flap, pull the two layers outwards and fold the flap down while squashing it flat, partly along existing creases. Repeat on the other side. (That's similar to step 3 of the simple flower.)

Step 6

6. Swing one flap over. Repeat on the other side.

Step 7

7. Again open the flap, valley fold the two layers outwards along the existing crease, fold the flap down and make the model lie flat. You have to be careful because the layers are very loose. Repeat on the other side.

After this step you can go on to fold My Rose.

Step 8

8. At first open the flap and valley fold the middle lines up to the baseline (blue fold), while valley folding the whole flap upwards along the red line. This will cause the middle line to line up with the sides of the pentagon (yellow arrows). Make the model lie flat. It's enough just to press the model flat because it is opened afterwards anyway.

Step 9

9. You should get something like this. Repeat step 8 on the three other flaps.

Step 10

10. Now you just have to open the flower, pulling one flap after the other outwards and squashing the bottom point into a square. Form the leaves as you like them and this flower is finished.

Step 11

11. The finished flower.