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Seal (Version 2)

Seal (Version 2)

My wife said the first seal looked more like a dog than a seal. So I modified the model to close the back and make it look more like a seal.

Start with a Fishbase.

Step 1

1. Valley fold about one fifth of the whole length upwards. You can vary this length to suit your taste.

Step 2

2. Valley fold the point back down to the bottom line.

Step 3

3. Mountain fold the model in halves.

Step 4

4. Valley fold the flap down, repeat on the other side.

Step 5

5. Inside reverse fold the flap downwards to form the neck. The bottomline shouldn't lie horizontally but with the end pointing a little bit upwards. Rotate the model ninety degrees clockwise.

Step 6

6. Inside reverse fold downwards to form the head.

Step 7

7. Inside reverse fold the tip of the nose back into the head.
Valley fold the front fins forwards on both sides.

Step 8

8. Sink the tip of the back along the red line.
Inside reverse fold the bottom of the seal.
(Fold only the front flaps for both folds!)

Step 9

9. Valley fold the tips of the back flap into the pockets formed by the folds in step 7 to make the back flap line up the front flap. Make sure to make these folds strongly so they will hold the back together.

Step 10

10. The finished seal.