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Origami Magic

Origami Magic

Do you remember RUBIK'S MAGIC, the game where you had those three coloured rings on a foldable plastic plate and had to join them? Well, that game is almost the same, only made of paper and therefore much cheaper.

Start with a square sheet of paper.

Step 1
1. Prefold in halfes and along the diagonals in both directions (Valley and Mountain).

Step 2

2. Prefold all 4 corners (blue arrows) and all 4 sides (red arrows) to the middle, again in both directions.

Step 3

3. What you should get is this grid.

Step 4

4. Draw the blue and red lines into this grid. The distances to the grid-lines must be the same everywhere! First draw one side, then turn the paper over side to side (I've numbered the corners so you can see how to do this) and draw the other side. You can also print this picture, glue the two sides together and to the prefolds along the grid-lines, if you like.

The task of this game is to fold the paper along the existing creases to get different figures.

Two big squares:

Figure 1

Two small squares and two half squares: (also possible with inverted colors)

Figure 2

Two small squares, the rest blank:

Figure 3

Perhaps there are more nice figures you can fold out of this paper, so if you find any and think they should be shown on this side send me an Email and explain them to me.