Dear visitor!

Welcome to my homepage about Origami, the ancient art of folding paper. I hope that I can offer everyone, no matter if on beginner or advanced level, some of the joy I have got from this art.

If you have any feedback you can write it into my guestbook or send me an email to gerwin AT scarygami DOT net.

You are free to use any material you find on my homepage, you may link to it, copy it, print it and share it (that's what Origami is for anyway). It would be nice, though, if you could mention where the material came from and tell me what you are doing with it. (I'm always excited when I see my stuff going around the world.)

After another small design change, I will now focus on renewing and updating the existing pages, starting from the basic section, because some people still have troubles with these.

Here a short overview of my homepage:

In the Basics section there are instructions for the basic folds and for some base figures as well as a description of the diagrams.

In the sections Traditional Models and My Own Designs you get instructions for some Origami models. I have now added a new feature to pop-up information about folds when moving the mouse over their name in the diagrams. You might have to enable active/dynamic elements for my homepage in your browser to benefit from that feature.

In the Portfolio you can see some of the projects and assignments I have worked on.

There are also some Links to other excellent Origami sites on the web.

I hope you enjoy Origami too!


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