Origami Austria (german & english)

The official homepage of Origami Austria. We are still a small group but we are hoping to grow in the near future.

Scarygami on Flickr (english)

You can find the most recent models I folded (as well as some non-Origami stuff) on my Flickr gallery.

The Origami Peace Tree Project

In my opinion one of the greatest Origami Projects in the world. People from all over the world send their origami models to Russia to be displayed on World's Peace Day. It was a great honour for me to design their home page. Make your contribution to this project!

Joseph Wu's Origami Page

You can find a lot of links to origami pages all over the world there.

Alex Barber's Origami Site

Many Origami diagrams in pdf format are available on this page.

Scarygami Riddle

An Online riddle designed by myself featuring a lot of Origami pictures.

Gerwin Sturm - Google Profile

Here you will find all links and information of my online presence.