Origami Basics

Since this homepage is mainly thought for people who are new to the art of Origami, I spent quite a while trying to collect all the basic information you might need for making Origami models. I am always open for your options about what might be missing on my page. I know a lot of people have had problems with my description of the petal fold so I will try to create a better description for this fold which is very essential in many Origami models as soon as possible.

General Information about Origami

General information about Origami and about my way to Origami.

Introduction to Origami Diagrams

A description of symbols in Origami diagrams.

Basic Folds

Here you get the instructions for folds which you need for various models.

Base Figures

Bases are standard figures, which are the starting point of many models.

Preliminary Base


Extended Birdbase

Waterbomb Base


to be added: Frogbase